Hey guys, I got inspiered by some old Daft Punk and Earth Wind & Fire to do a disco-type edm song. Feel free to get up and dance, but, WEAR HEADPHONES WITH BASS :D


- EQ-ing

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  • This song is awesome guy, thanks for posting on my wall!

  • Cool stuff, I like the chord progressions and that sweet bassline :)

  • It's okay, but missing out the funk

  • thankz

  • this is cool!

  • I shall stand up from where I was seated, With my headphones still attached, And I shall bust out some sweet moves.

    Keep it up Xen!

  • There is a kick but it has a highpass slope so it doesnt interfere with the bass line

  • It's almost as if the whole song is a bridge

  • I can't hear a kick

  • This is so sweet. I love that main melody synth. It sounds very Strummy :)

  • Thats Brilliant :)

  • This is really cool! Very upbeat and dancey. Love this man!

  • Awesome I will remix should have the remix done by the end of the week

  • awesome dude nice