Cover of track Plumpy The Moth by V S D
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V S D, Plumpy The Moth


Aria's Guardian Pet/Hair Bow, protects her from the Abyss of Hatred and her sister, Marissa.

Hello, sorry for my absence I'm in a not so fun place right now, at least I have you guys.

The first song of my album for this year, hope you guys enjoy the drawing (not that good but I'm trying to get better).

I started working on this on Wednesday and I kinda gave up, but I try better this year.

The album isn't in any particular order right now, but once I release it all the songs will be in the right order, and not every single song I release will be in this album.

I won't upload every song at once because that would be like 30+ songs, and I know you guys don't want that.

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