Although this is a remix, this one is kinda personal for some reasons.


I barely changed the intro and the outro because they were perfect the way they were.

Everyone please give a listen to the original track, created by naut, and please follow him, since he creates without a doubt the most beautiful acoustic tracks on this website.


It's been a long time, I know, but I'm still producing from time to time. :)


I'm not sure about the vocal chops... Should I remove them ? I need your opinions.


Enjoy guys.

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  • bruh when i listen to this i get the :D vibes but now that I know the story behind it I get the T^T vibes I'm sorry, keep the bangers coming

    • Nooo naut is on the guitar! Go take a listen to the original, it's great. And check naut's profile, you'll definitely love him ;)

    • no no no np, btw did you play the guitar?

    • Haha sorry I didn't want to kill the :D vibes

  • Glad I decided to see what I missed on your page over the past couple of weeks.

    • Glad you do that :)

      I'll do the same for you once I have my headphones!

      And if you really want to hear my last works, check @KRΛVΛTT , it's my side account ;)

  • Jeez, this is very well made. Thoroughly enjoyed listening.

  • This is so nice! You've really made this into a whole track and given it more love than I could lol. Thanks for taking the time, I like it very much! The vocals chops sound nice in my opinion, I also really like the piano you've added in :)

    • Thanks for your opinion, i'm glad that you like what i did with it... and thanks for these beautiful guitar samples ! ;)

  • You don't understand how much I fuck with this can't stop thinking about it

    • Haha thanks ! Be sure to send some love to the original track, what i did was only to take a beautiful track into a new direction

  • finally lol!

    • I have a lot of projects sitting in my drafts, but they're just not satisfying enough

    • Yep, sorry :/

  • Oh I left the 'soundtrack' tag.. i guess this could be the soundtrack of a cheesy romantic comedy lol

    • v literally every romance film v

    • 0:00 - 1:00 : He says farewell to his loved one.

      1:00 - 1:47 : Flashback to all the happy moments they've shared together.

      1:48 - 2:06 : He realizes how much he loves her.

      2:07 - 2:54 : He runs really fast to the airport and try to see her before she get on the plane.

      2:55 - 3:16 : He finds her, calls her, they look at each other emotionally, they get closer

      3:17 : They kiss

      And then zoom out and the end - credits

  • Astounding creation holy shit this is beautiful

  • this is super sweet, I really love the rhythm of the track and how all the different elements complement each other rhythmically. I'd say keep the vocal chops

    big fan of 2:17 btw ;)

    • thanks a lot for that feedback, i'm glad you like it ;)

  • Republished

    small edits