Cover of track I Still Believe in Summer by YITO
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YITO, I Still Believe in Summer


"Music Should Speak For Itself"

honestly, at least for this instance, screw that phrase, I want to explain what this track is about in more detail: I am 20 now, Im going to finish highschool this school year and hopefully graduate from biology & chemistry. As the time passes Im more and more responsible for myself and my surroundings, Im faced with choices that are going to be of great importance in my life. I not the little school kid anymore that Ive once been and Im also leaving the teenage phase of my life, my "summer" and it feels like things will only get worse from here. However, I dont want that to be the reality and maybe, despite becoming "an adult" (far off honestly) I want to keep this infantile yet fun naivity, quirkiness and curiosity alive. I believe I can somewhat control that and I have hope that it can stay this way, thus the title.

Artwork comes soon

Crit highly appreciated.

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    4 days ago

    Really nice, just started my time at university and I can relate to not feeling like an adult lol really great track

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    6 days ago

    I absolutely love the chords

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    2 weeks ago

    fun fact: I didnt actually intend this to sound deadmau5ish, however I found the chords and instantly knew where it would go from there, especially when I created those voicy chord stabs

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    2 weeks ago
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    2 weeks ago

    Yooo the voicing on the chords in the drop is so well done! The drums could be mixed up a little more and maybe work some percs in there to really make it lively, but as it stands this is exceptionally well done! You’ve come so far in so many ways, this is awesome to hear