Chartreuse is the sixth commander of the Astral Plane. Chartreuse was originally a being who could barely maintain a form at all and bore a closer resemblance to a wavey aura than to a formed character. Nevertheless, he still manages to hold himself together for the sake of convenience. Chartreuse's core ability is to manipulate Reality, Fantasy, and Abstraction. As such, this battle with him is just about as screwy as it gets. Everything is weird, tripped up, and out of bounds. Nothing seems to fit in the way you'd expect, and to Chartreuse, this barely even scratches the surface. He is responsible for tending to and expanding the already complex complexity and strange strangeness of the Astral Plane. He eternally adds more depth, more possibility, and more adventure! He's perfectly capable of conventionality which he regularly practices, but he is naturally more drawn to the unconventional.

[LOOP START: 3:40 | Time Signature: 20/8]

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  • This song holds the emotion of antsiness.

  • this is crazy

  • This is an ambient track that I could never sit still too, like something has to be focused on or movement needs to be happening

    this is such a cool sound!

  • the feeling of trying to get up from your thoughts but they keep fighting back as they're aware of your desperations to leave, laying back as they continue whispering of your repeated voices and advancements.

    it's null and it seems to never work, but you try so hard. you try so hard but it feels nothing has progressed. but you try anyways as you're the true commander of one's mind.

    an anomaly the brain will ever be, but you, the individual, are something greater than that.

  • how do you even make a 7 minute song, i cant make anything longer than 1:45 unless i have a lot of ideas, then itll be 3 minutes, and this is way better than my stuff too

    • I should try to make something long with a lot of ideas


    • this is actually 3:40 minutes long, its just looped

      I struggle to make things past 3-4 minutes long as well too

    • i want to try to make chiptune some time now

  • the god of chiptune. great work as always!

  • Nice one !

  • nice pepsi logo btw

  • incredible

  • this is so awesome. sounds like a piece of lost media recorded on vinyl. one of a kind

  • this is the theme of trying to fight stuff in your dreams

  • Republished

    tuning issue