trying out a new workflow / voice + drums + bass debut

as i lie awake

to the sun i grimly whisper;

"please just leave me alone

in this place we both call home.

can you tell me where i went wrong?"


id like to live on the sun some day,

it’s not far away.

but i gave up solving myself today,

it’s better not to play—

it’s easier that way.


when we finally

are free to be what we can be,

in an afterglow will we see

everything we don’t know?

(everything we don’t know?)

(btw i know it looks kinda sketch but there are no external samples—i played and recorded everything with my handy dandy zoom h4n. feel free to open remix and check it out)

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  • This has a Tyler The Creator kinda vibe.

    • yea let's get lil uzi vert on this

  • I can imagine an aged film video of two kids jumping into a lake or something idk

    then a camera zooming out on millions and millions of photos of people


    till there's no more left to show and it's just a white abyss

  • classic ;)

  • woah yea, very unique and talented work on this

  • dont understand why this isnt one of the most faved audiotool tracks

    • only 170 faves but a remake of thotiana has 667....

    • still think it's legendary

    • this track has about as many favorites as i had followers a month ago

    1 more
  • Pure gem

  • damn u made tonematrix sound good


  • i love the <3 you put into this! pun intended ;)

  • 1 year ago :)

  • Really like the drums and bass in here. I'm glad Audiotool has made it easier to arrange recorded materials.

    • thank you potatosmic!!

  • my god this is so good

  • Is that you singing?

  • it looks like a mixtape song by the beatles, tame impala and milton Nascimento, corner club of the years, 60 / 70s song !!!, you are amazing, you deserve to have 20,000 likes on each song and have 10,000 followers, what an incredible sound I'm in love with your style of music, you've already become my mastering and music inspiration, I'm a fan number 1

    • thank you so much khione! means a lot

  • Utterly genius and haunting