vistamista - naswalt is big

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  • fucking love this

  • yes

  • refav

  • 100!! thanks y'all!

  • naswalt and vista are the masters of trap on at

  • excellent, but not at all what i expected, i thought it would be darker

  • Good track m8 ❤️

  • thanks for the support everyone <3

  • yes yes yes yes yes. Queue jojo reference

  • Oh damn! This is nice!

  • "naswalt is big"

    nah man, H E T H I C C

  • oml this is naice you two. Made my day

  • ur styles mash together mad well. good shit boys goddam

    • i can't thank naswalt enough for inviting me to this song. from the awesome vocals, to all the little edits that made the song even better than it already was in my opinion. incredible work on his part. a real fun dude to make music with for sure.

    • vista was great for this cause he was just throwing out idea after idea, so we had a lot of little sections to move around until the track sounded right. He was great to work with; one of the few artists I felt like I was really jamming with in the workspace

    • love the introduction of the bass guitar as well

  • nastamista

    • Er... uh...

      ...Well, I guess that's one way of thinking about it.

    • nasta sounds like some gross slang for italian sex :)

  • Reminds me of Crystal Castles but instead groovy af and with Nas's vocals