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Jetdarc, Jetdarc's 1.5k Follower Remix Comp [CLOSED/RESULTS]


Jetdarc's 1.5k Follower Remix Comp Results


Please read this: A disclaimer for all of my remix competitions


Hello guys, i'm back at it with another remix comp! I know I said that 1000 would be my last remix comp, but I decided to just keep going because you guys seem to enjoy participating :) Now, once again, thank you all for getting me to 1.5k followers!! I'm actually surprised that i've gotten even this far, but here I am I guess LOL. Also, i'm running out of ideas for prizes so all I can really offer is money unless you guys have some suggestions.



1|Your remix MUST NOT sound identical to the original. It can sound similar, as long as its not too similar (ex: ONLY adding drums and changing the pitch, stuff like that is discouraged). I encourage you to put your own spin on it. I only added an extra pad, bass, and kick to show an example of what ideas are possible using this melody.

2|You must use the Melody in a recognizable way, nothing else in the provided draft is required.

3|Any genre, title, or cover is allowed.

4|Collaborations will be allowed this time around, but if you happen to win, it will be up to the collaborators to split the prize(s).

5|You may only republish BEFORE the remix comp ends and AFTER the results have been decided.



1st: $25, Collab, 1 thing u want (we'll see how this goes lol)


2nd: $10


3rd: $5



4/4/2020 @5pm EST


Results will be presented sometime this Monday.

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