mmm de chickin nugits

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  • ThiS sOng iS sTuCk iN mY HeADDddDD!!!! <3 <3 <3!

  • i prefer them in my mouth idk bout you xD

    • He waits for them to melt then chews

    • So you take them out of the frozen package and dump them straight into your mouth?

  • Chicken Nuggets in the Freezer

    Chicken Nuggets on the Plate

    Chicken Nuggets in the Microwave

    Chicken Nuggets in my stomach

    Guy's I think I found out how to consume nutrients

  • bruh you put them in the fucking microwave? who the fuck are you conventional oven 375 degrees my dude

    • get an air fryer man, throw them shits in for 3 min and bam crispy nugs

    • But if you do that then they're nice and CRISPY

    • this guy likes the more formal way to make chicken nuggets

  • 0:48 Martin Garrix joined the chat...

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • id love to make an extended version of this

  • Remix in Progress. I'm making these Nuggets darker...

  • Wtf

  • Remix? Hmmm... I like that Title

  • Republished

    opened remix, i think

  • Where is drop :O

  • I think the pad is great, but I wonder what it'll sound like with more PWM.

    • I think itd sound cool if the pad was made with a pulv instead of a berg

  • ch4rted

  • >:( @ the end