Cover of track Chicken Nuggets in the Microwave by Vulkron
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Vulkron, Chicken Nuggets in the Microwave


mmm de chickin nugits

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    Salvo 2 days ago

    Issa master10piece chuggen nuh0get

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    Bluedude 3 days ago

    I think the pad is great, but I wonder what it'll sound like with more PWM.

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      Vulkron 2 days ago

      I think itd sound cool if the pad was made with a pulv instead of a berg

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    ozne 3 days ago


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    synthonix 5 days ago

    i prefer them in my mouth idk bout you xD

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      Vulkron 4 days ago

      So you take them out of the frozen package and dump them straight into your mouth?

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    Inavon 4 days ago

    >:( @ the end