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  • if this gets to 100, pulvgang officially wins

  • holy shit dude

  • 99,99% of tracks that people make here including vast amounts of synths and devices ( 500, 1k etc ) usually is only to flex and the track itself is a total garbage. This one right here is utilized perfectly. Once again, very good!

    • Nothing to do with the ones you mentioned

    • He's probably not talking about those in particular. Overproducing isn't uncommon. I've done it too :)

    • You have to think beyond an "audiotooler". Professional and well-made tracks (outside of AT) have a lot of synths and tons of effects, it's not for "flexing", it's because the track was meant to be made good.

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  • I was expecting to hear one big win when I clicked play

    • I just realized it said “win” instead of “wub”

  • that is so many 😭

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  • in luv

  • Republished

    added crackle

  • Very good!

  • making kick drums and snares with pulv is crazy... and they're so clean too

    • A kick is really simple - Just a env following either pitch or lowpass really fast

  • hold on let him cook

  • the pads are perfect. the kind of sounds that should be shown off to explain the pulv to people.

  • ooohhh funky 😎

    • thanks, my fav part too