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Short Version: I make pretty much everything, but try to come up with my own originality in my tracks.
Long Version:
I have been making music for the past... 6 years. I have made around 150 - 160 other songs on other studio's like garage band and soundation. Now that I have been gone from this site for a while, because I was using garageband, I am going to come back, because though garageband does improve the quality of the track in so many ways, you can only use it so much.
As for experience in musical instruments, I have absolutely no musical training save the bare minimum I learned in some music classes I took in school. And, even in those I with my constant need for experimentation of sounds, never really listened to. I pretty much get all the training from listening to various artists that have unique sounds to me. As for learning this DAW, or any for that matter, I just learn as I go. I have to strong an interest in music to give up.
After a while, you find that you don't really have as many options, so I am coming back to audiotool. If I am going to buy Logic Pro X, I will use it in tandem with Audiotool. Because the beauty of Audiotool is that it makes it much easier to kind of make the "old" synth sounds. I love the older versions of electronic and this site seems to be perfect in getting that kind of sound out. So, all in all, I will still use this site because it's awesome like that.
My goal of this hobby is to make people happy with the sounds I create. Feedback from you guys and girls would help a lot. Constructive criticism is welcome as well. So if ya don't like it tell me why so I can improve on whatever it is.
My soundcloud is: (link is only visible to registered users)
And on 5/4/2014 I just started my Youtube account for this stuff. (Qua-Z-Noble)
So, with that, have some fun!
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