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Uhh, i make songs
i like cheese
Gumball is pretty cool
i am 1.5 years old
my mom is Barack obama
i am man
I'm straight but happy pride month yall
@葉特曼茲♡(ㄚ乇乇ㄒ爪卂几乙)♡ is just FYE
@HKG (Not in use) he's cool and makes dope songs-especially techno
@BrettShaw84 (hopefully I spelled that right) makes dope friggin beats
@▽Momo▽桃. is just too nice with it- like those bumps got me floating
@✰Kéda✰ makes some dope ah songs bro
1st youngest: wutho
2nd youngling: THEKING
3rd youngest: ME!
That's all folks

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