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I have a facebook, so search Doreiku Masayoshi and B4D-W0LF both. My Skype is B4D-W0LF as well (facebook:wolfsterness) My real music is here: (link is only visible to registered users) and I now make samples!
Hello, and welcome to the aurora of my doing. I compose music in many ways, and I want to try to do all types eventually (besides "pop". I kinda hate "pop")
My influences are too many, but I can name a few hundred for you if you ask. Please comment, telling me what you think on my tracks, because I will eventually use you to either rebel against, or listen to, whichever one you support. I hope you complain, because I do make loud music, but listen to all of my music first, before you complain, because I also have stuff that puts you to sleep. I have such a wide variety of music that "My Neighborhood" Isn't quite what I'm like. I do have an ego, and I won't be hurt if you insult me, because it's an insult, not your heart to me, and I bring my heart to you, so I expect the same response. Music is the only way I can bring people to the depths within me, and so I make music so I can let people know that there's someone that exists out there that does do something different.

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