Battle of The Bass


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Welcome to Battle of The Bass!

This is a place where artists can duel it out in friendly competitions.

The are four tiers of artists. Any lower tier member can challenge someone in a higher position than them, but only in their tier or one tier up. Each tier consists of five positions (this may change in the future) but the last tier, the fourth tier, does not have a member cutoff.

Now, what are the competitions like? Well, you challenge someone either in your tier or one tier above your own and you two duel it out. There will be six parts in a track, you each get three chances to outdo one another in any EDM genre (each part can be a different genre). Viewers will vote on their favorite artist in the comments and the winning artist will get the loser's position (if the loser's was originally higher, otherwise the ranks remain the same).

Each part is 10-30 seconds long. (It's ok if it's like 32 or something barely off). Arist A goes first, then artist B, and so on.

Interested in joining? Say so in the comments and you will be put in the bottom tier, where you can work your way up!

Every month there will be a compilation album with all of the battles of that month.

--Tier 1--

1. @Jaxxn (Taken)

2. @Werbs (Taken)

3. @PROWLA (Taken)

4. @Trilogy (Taken)

5. @T S (Taken)

--Tier 2--


2. @Audence (Taken)

3. @X___________X (Taken)

4. @Gary212 (Taken)

5. @shirako

--Tier 3--

1. @Zerod (Taken)

2. @neo. (Taken)

3. @BCP (Taken)

4. @Waddox

5. @Downlock (Taken)

--Tier 4--

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