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  • hey luxior, why did you neuter my mom?

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  • we miss you ):

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  • Hi!

    I'm doing a Listening Party on Bandcamp 7pm tonight for my new release 'The 7Day EP'

    You can check it here first, see if you like it:

    (The 7Day EP)

    You're welcome to join if you'd like to listen and chat to people at the same time!

    Thank you for reading if you did and apologies for the spam.

    (Follow if you like):



  • ur finally alive :o

  • :0

  • Long time no see :) Welcome back

  • Happy decade looks 🤎

  • is this beat god even alive anymore??????????

  • hey, you should try to work on something. you got me into audiotool and id love to see more songs by you on the top charts again

  • Legends never die

    They become a part of you

    You hear them screaming out your name

  • once, there were six AT legends...

    An almighty Dragon called Cudllex,

    A brave night called Luxior,

    A fierce warrior named Navor,

    A dangerous king named Uprising,

    A deadly Assasin named Xav,

    A feared spy named Abstract,

    A horned bull rino named Infyuthsion,

    And last but not least, a strong boxer named Bluedude.

    Together, they make up the AT legends.

    But, one day, two have left us...

    I wonder how dem people I just mentioned will react to this shit? xD

    • 4ni4if24gf

    • curly bracket gang out here with the poetry

  • im gay

    • same bro

    • XD jus making sure I don't offedn anyone :)

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  • can i interest you in some bread

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  • pp

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