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Real Name: Nafisa Kabir
Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh, but currently, MIAMIII
Age: 17
(used to be Bish y Dev until 03.30.12)
(used to be Dry Ice & Fire until 06.03.12)
Gender: Female
Main Genres: DnB, Dubstep, Drumstep
Personal Best Track: Lost In Your Love
Personal Worst Track (Within the Past Year): Butterflies
Drums (3 years)
Piano (5 years)
~Wolflund and Uprising:
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~Hopeless Romantic (feat. Darkmatter) (not done yet)
~Endless Escapades (with Darkmatter)
Endless Escapades (Feat. Darkmatter)
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~Gods At Play
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~Vocal Beta Program (Guy Fawkes), co-host with God
@Guy Fawkes
Heyy!! I'm 16, and I know nothing about music as music. I think of it as an art, and I'm just learning to make it. I don't make music for others. I make it for myself. Everything I publish, I publish because I like it. If others like it, that's just an added bonus (:
I was born in Bangladesh but moved to America when I was only 2. I've been raised all over the East Coast, so I got that Eastern swag(; I've had more than my fair share of troubles but I always know that there are far worse problems that other unfortunate people are facing and that I should be grateful for what I take for granted. Anyway, that's just a lil bit about me(:
Hope you enjoy my messes of music!! <3

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