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  • hey, thanks for making all your tracks available again <3 also, do u have zelvo - cobra still somewhere? I remember liking that one a lot.

  • i want you all to know; it's been a long time. a long time of experimentation, throwing **** at the wall, to learn and improve and come into my way of creating. but everything i've ever done and ever made and ever learned is all coming together

  • i completely forgot to thank you for the follow :)

    last couple weeks have been busy n shit so i forget to get back to people mb

  • thx for the follow

  • sorry for my angered rants and some things are TMI

    but the point is

    rape jokes are not funny

    and as someone who has experienced it as a child

    it's kind of angering to know that people within this community are joking about it

  • wish i could've come to ATL

    was not feasible with holidays, my job, and my money situation rn

    And I had literally just went to ATL 2 months ago.............

    Hopefully there will be another event in the future and I will definitely try to go

    Everyone enjoy yourselves and stay safe!!

  • Some unfortunate news

    My laptop is on its last legs, various parts have broken including something with the fan so it makes constant loud rattling noises and I am certain there are parts flying around on the inside. Feels like russian roulette trying to use it because it feels like at any moment my laptop could suddenly die, so until I have a new one I can’t really make music.

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  • Rendering...



  • laevent & viista

    FOCUS TAPE 2023




  • Originally, visualization started as an account that I made a very long time ago, trying to visualize music as I was creating it. It was abandoned for many years, and then the idea came back to me in the form of wanting to get together with fellow artists on audiotool, and creating a compilation of tracks created from the idea of visualizing the music as we created it. I think this idea is great, but it's definitely gonna be revisited.

    • and EDGE is just a collage of sound and extraction of anger, ambition, and motivation in which I'm basically trying to shove it down your throat that I'm gonna pick myself back up out of this mental hole, dust myself off and become one of the best there ever was.

    • Evitability [shift of focus] is about shifting your focus from the things that you cannot control (the inevitability ) and towards the things that you can do every day. The end of the song is supposed to feel like it burns out to nothingness, which is supposed to symbolize my fears, and the times that I do burn out. There are many difficult things in life that I have no control over. But every time I make music, I can shift my reality just a bit more, and prevent my self from fading.

    • The main theme in the tracks released so far is; using my high ambition to push tracks to their limit and taking them in multiple directions (speed for example) modernizing the recognizable styles and sounds i have already created, while also conveying that at times i feel like a prisoner to the styles i have created and want to destroy and disassemble those things reassembling them in different ways (ex: SAGA, HSL1) and wanting to break all existing expectations and standards put onto my music.

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  • I would like to deeply apologize to all my fans for how long visualization is taking. I want this to be the best project y'all have gotten yet and I want to set that expectation for every forthcoming project. I have been working on this album for over 2 years, the current tracklist is the one that I am proud of and will continue to build off of, and I'm hyped for this project to continue. Thank you all. without you none of it would be possible

  • ONE & ONLY

  • my pronouns are they/them/she/her

    • these nouns of the pros i will respect my good individual