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50 Follower Remix Comp!!! (pt. 1)
50 Follower Remix Comp!!! (pt. 2)
Hi, I'm MysT! (Formerly D30N) Some of you know me from Soundtrap, but for those who don't... I love making and listening to music! I know how to draw and I play the violin. Here's my flow page so you can get the links to my other profiles! (link is only visible to registered users)
I've been listening to music on here a bit over a year and I've started creating music around 2 months ago...so I'm still developing A LOT!
(I need 7 on lum to start it there!)
Guys, remember when I said that I may do collabs... Yea, I'm bout to do a huge one...
1. So the idea for this one is that we'll be split into groups (idc how many/who is in each group, just have four groups in total)
2. We make different parts of an album (Ex. Difference pt.1, pt.2, etc. but the album is Difference)
3. They can be different genres
4. You can split into groups depending on what genre you want to do/what you're good at
5. Make it at least 2:00 long
So, when you want, decide who will be group captains and they will decide who will be in each group
Let me know if you want to join in or you have anything you can add! (I'm doing the same thing on soundtrap!)

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