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Sound Engineer
My collaborations:
With Sigma: @Daftwill & Sigma
With dabrig: @dabwill
With yafee?: @Daft-Yafee:)
With cripta: @Cripstone /// Cognitive revolution feat Cripta /// feat Bluevision - Fractals Indicator
With digigeist: @Daft~Geist
With tornsage: @daftorn /// through the ashes again (collab daftwill)
With oedipax: @oediwill
With Sandburgen: @Daftburgen
With Olondro: @will + o and the funky housebananas
With Versus: @Verswill
With Teqtoniq: @Daftoniq
With Flying Baby Seal: @DaftSeal
With Jambam: @DaftJam
With sumad: Ocean's Tides featuring Sumad
With hiphon: (link is only visible to registered users)
With Shakey : @Brain Damage

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