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I hope you enjoy my tracks :D My logo was edited by Armenix! My favorite genre of electronic-type music is Dubstep, Glitch/Hop and Chill (I guess), which hopefully I'll be good enough to recreate one day.
NOTE: Feel free to spam my wall with music
My philosophy is, if you really want to help an aspiring artist out, listen to their music, and like it if you do, give pointers if you don't.
We express our emotions, thoughts, and unconscious personalities through our music.
I'm finally back from my hiatus. I know I haven't created anything new in awhile, but I'm looking to change that. I just don't have a lot of time on my hands. Actually the truth is, I have plenty of time, I just don't know how to manage it.
Favorite Tracks of Mine:
Friends Forever
Sweet Honey Golden Sunshine Princess
The Flying Dutchman
It's Raining Childhood
Welp, Enjoy!