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  • i can help u come up with names

  • Uh, what's with that name bro?

    • You knoe if you'd scroll down and read youd find the answer

    • ;)

  • It takes a lot of time to get used to any production software, and Audiotool is no exception so if you ever need help just hmu, shits easy to me as long you don't ask for any music theory help cuz that's not my forte

  • great, the thing is you don't ever make exactly what you want to make. The best thing that you can do for yourself as a music producer is to make something you genuinely enjoy making or would want to hear. Even if your music is atrocious for the first 100+ tracks you create, it's important to remember that you're only producing because you want to. I know that sounds pretentious and like I'm babbling but fr just love to create first and foremost.

  • do you have any background in music production?

  • I third what only human said. I used to look like an absolute idiot on this site and now I still look like a semi idiot.

  • Lmao this isnt stage

  • I Second what @Only Human Said. My logo/ Brand took me a while to make it llok clean and professional as it is now. It used to look terrible. but this accurately captures what I do, and how well im progressing as a producer.

  • if you can't decide, take a moment. Again, branding is key to survival on here. But it's not a decision I can make for you and its not something that can be immediately decided, but also don't stress it either. Just something fun, to the point and simple. Something that sorta captures the style or theme you're trying to get across to your audience.

  • trthfully, there's nothing more important than expressing yourself on a creative format, and also maybe dropping the name. Not gonna lie, if you want to get anywhere on this site originality and branding is key. Not that your only goal should be fame, but you definitely do not want to be going around strutting a name like stagefright

  • I think before I can agree to a collab I need to see you actually create something on Audiotool first. I'm typically always down for a collab but the truth is most of my collabs never end up getting published because of my "creative indifferences". Also I'm making an album right now on top of school work but again not saying no

  • I take back what I said, you don't seem as sleazy as I might have originally thought, just a dude out here hustlin, again mad respect dawg

  • waaiiit a minute....

    you arent stagefright....

    • I feel ya man

    • I thought of the name Zim and never heard of the show invader Zim. I freaked out when I saw it. and then I hated that show. Now I hate that its got the same name as me.

    • k.

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  • it's fine, i'm just joshin' ya anyways. Besides, you seem to be very opinionated about this situation, takes guts, mad respect dawg