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---------Important Update---------
I'm no longer active here, for I've moved on to the Vocal arts. I still love collaborations, so if anyone here wishes to provide me with a nice track to put my voice over, feel free to let me know...
You can find me on
Youtube (link is only visible to registered users)
Soundcloud (link is only visible to registered users)
Pony.fm (link is only visible to registered users)
If you are not:
-A passerby, just passing by
-A brony/pegasister, trying to spread love and kindness
-A troll/hater, trying to spread hate and despair (for your own pleasure)
-A fan, trying to love and support me (or blow air in my face)
-A follower, trying to follow me
-A stalker, trying to stalk me
-Forest Rain
-The Real Slim Shady
-The Master Chief
-Chuck Norris
-Clint Eastwood
-A member of 343 industries
-On a boat
-Anyone else I didn't mention
Please, speak now, or forever rest in peace.
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