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    DJJackRabbitSlims about 5 years ago

    What song did I use your sample in?

    And thanks!

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    sebastian saldaño about 5 years ago

    Hi, i saw you used a sample of mine. I've recently uploaded a lot of new samples, would you like to check'em out? They are all put together here Stand Up Against Belo Monte Dam

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    Kal-Kent about 6 years ago

    Vitophobia (Excentric Remix) i love this song so much! pleaze check them out, they are realy good. :)

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    DJJackRabbitSlims about 6 years ago

    You got it man :D

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    XxDJ17xX about 6 years ago

    hey dude u should fallow my friend kivax he is pretty good and he works hard on his music he wants 20 followers and he has 18 so he close.