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wow, thanks so much for 50 followers! guys I really aperactie it
Welcome to my humble page! Here I attempt to create music for fun; obviously. I am definitely not the best creator out there but I enjoy what I do make and hopefully, you do too.
shout outs to cool people
@Fallen Angel (Blank Army)
@TheClient Bass Music
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@[NHB] ØutOfBounds
I'm sorry if I forgot to add someone lol
thanks to @Allyko for making me a new pfp it looks really good!
lol if you like what I do consider a follow.
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discord: Wasserkraft (Oreo Army)#8789 Xbox: WalkedBeatle556 (i know it's a bad name but it's the name Xbox game me and I'm not paying to change it lol).
I forgot the mention I am a complete nerd about ww2 and ww1 or pretty much anything like that so if you want to be bored out of your mind I am your guy.
my alt @IllusTraTeD
@S0LARFLARE go check this guy out he has super cool stuff and he needs more recognition!

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