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Other aliases: zyxius, KPZ, IJD
I use FL and Audiotool. It’s been a while
Wouldn't have been here without them <3 :
- @$TW✨ skoollins✨ (On FLM)
- @×JuugKorp× DXM!
- @One_Ugly_Kidt
- @★KCTheProducer★
- @Villa
- @[adultswim]
- @Broke Boi Taylor (ON FL)
- @★KCTheProducer★
- @✨PlayboyFlex✨(On FL)
- @Y$M
- @×JuugKorp× ProdByWillare
- @Ricoz Beatz
- @prod.byxappy
- @GlizzyK
Member of JuugKorp. We make plugg beats and were good at it too.
JuugKorp makes several monthly samples for you to use. Be sure to give credit where it is due.
If you are interested in joining JuugKorp, comment so on DXM!'s wall.

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