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Moose, but uwu again

og name mooselivesmatter
lets get to 50 followers without doing crap
i also noticed i see a lot of the same people over and over again and I'm like howwwowowowowww
i have no fucking idea how to make music :'<
██║░░██║ thx to" R.shani, but cold " for being my 20th follower
boner fuel to the max- @Moose, but uwu again 2020
god of the blank army
every 20th follower gets mentioned >:D
I don't f4f so if I follow u u don't have to follow back and vice versa,
yo, hold the phone, for the brother alone, in this cold world that man has created to destroy the weak and bring up the strong, kill the sick, hide the poor. and help the losers in this world that don't need helping. and while the governments love the rich that provide for them, they scowl and step on the fingers of the poor man hanging off the dark pit that swallows us up called life, and even though it's the hard truth, as they say the truth will set you free. the oooh I just made that up

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