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Hello! I'm Nyenoidz. Music is a hobby for me, and option B career if my original dream does not come true (heavy if). My experience with music dates from August 2015 where I had absolutely no idea what I was doing experimenting with the 3x Osc of FL Studio Demo. I've grown to appreciate many genres, especially within EDM.
Audiotool is a great community. If it weren't for all the amazing and helpful people here I would still be far behind as for progress in my music. Here are some noteworthy peeps who have influenced my style of music and gave me great advice to improve at music production (in no specific order).
[ @Jetdarc :: @Sir Zero 誰も :: @Jordi Moragues :: @leadenshrew :: @1trillionMPH ]
[ @Vulkron :: @Zerod :: @Nova :: @RiMi :: @Koza :: @ollie ]
[ @Gravidon :: @Sandburgen :: @kibbey :: @Limauru :: @rai. :: @Syntax ]
[ @no vyce (Kryptic) :: @Infyuthsion :: @Icebox :: @Stormdrain ]
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