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I'm Fuji
I have been producing - not on Audiotool - for six years
I am a member of the No Home Brand
I am half Japanese and German. I, for whatever reason, figured I'd best fit making metal music than synthwave (even though I still make synthwave sometimes). My birthday is February 1st. My favorite American show is The Office. Cool people you should check out:
@[N.H.B] Lil Dream
@DJ Doggy
@Steven Kayiira
@Pluto Breezy[leavin soon]
@niteowl never nuts
@Gravidon (Read Bio!)
I used to be Oliver_Soup, then KOMOREBI, and then ✯ l o t u s ✯
Special thank you to @[N.H.B] Lil Dream for being my first follower.
I am not online Saturdays and Sundays
I am as old as the Earth 不滅

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