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Hello 2018!!
Tags shood seh: I suck at muzik|Just some random guy (with the mind of a child) that tris tu mak music on AT but suck at it so don't even think abount following him on SC!! Pls, spem ahn mah wal.
Krit is aloud. Don't be stupid. Have Common sense. If u think ur musik is bad n everybody hates your musik, at least tri tu mak better musik and if u dont want to do that then...oh well suks tu be u. Don't leave At because wunse u use AT ur basically scarred fur lif and there's no escaping AT. If you want to take a break frum it just take a Hiatus. Don't leave...pls. If u don't like sumwuns sung don't tell them it's bad lik.......aT AlL! U should only have one ting on ur bucket list because u know it's teh only thng dats going to happen, I Meen, LOOK AT MYNE!
Bucket list:
1. di...
If you are interested in a really good music app, here's a free app that I use frequently called Auxy (Has a four and a half...5 star rating? I don't remember.) but here's a link to the Auxy website: (link is only visible to registered users)
Get this guy to 200: @cleb
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Wunse I git tu 200 fallohwers em goaing tu doo eh naym reeveel...

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