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About me :
I'm 15, call me Fynn.
I am a Left Handed Person.
My Name is Fynn, I like Watching Cartoons.
My top Audiotoolers :
Trill - Pix
Thanks for being awesome Guys! :D
Hey Guys, im Fynn, AKA Fynn.
I'm here to brighten up the community, be active,make Noise etc.
Doing all genres from drumstep to neuro to dubstep to ambient :D
I publish alot of track but i also delete alot of tracks ;l.
Thanks for visiting my page and please FOLLOW ME OKAI? :D
But, first - check my music, see if its worthy :D!
Reach 20 Followers - :(
Reach 50 Followers - :(
Reach 100 Followers - :(
Get 20 Favourites on a track - 8D On my first track Evarr :D
Get 40 Favourites on a track - 8(
Make Some Friends - SOO CLOSE ( RAGE FACE )
Get into Trillpix's + Waveform's+Okayy's+BassCOPPs+Slinkstep's Gang :D!

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