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I'm really beginning to like making beats. but at the same time im 16 and there a lot more to learn than just making beats. just need to fine those who love music and find what they want. I not saying that i don't have the time, i can find the elements in music. its just at the least of my concerned. its kind of funny that ppl like my creations when i just started learning about how to be creative. co-labs are really rare for me, though i seem to be fine working alone. but co-lab are the best because its greatness stacked on top another. but i'm a guff ball, knowing all this stuff is a gift just like making music as a lil kid is gift. lol btw i started play the piano when i was 4. crazy how i'm at this point in position. oh check out my links if you wanna get to know me better and maybe play some childish games with me or co-lab on music or even just to talk to me bout stuff.

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