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Hello, I'm 22 years old and I love music! I go by Lito or Light as well! I've finally decided to start pushing my work out to other platforms and getting myself out there! Currently in the process of overhauling my social media and creating accounts to fit my brand and sound so music is going to be on hold for a bit! DO NOT WORRY, I will be back very shortly <3
"Who are you to judge when you yourself are just as flawed as the person next to you?"
News: I'm going to be investing in a new pc here very soon so I'll be getting some extra beef :D
I have my own website up and running! Yay! Unfortunately I cannot afford my own domain at the moment so ye
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Here's my discord server (No drama, just chill and vibe) (link is only visible to registered users)
If you're going to fall, fall forward, because it's still progress. Then get back up and do it again. You're going to fall so many times in life. Keep pushing on. <3

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