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I am a unique dude who loves listening to Future House Music (because Brooks is awesome) and NCS (because of Tobu). I also love computer programming and am a supporter of the PC Master Race. I started Javascript, and I sometimes make websites on Notepad++.

When I found AudioTool over the summer, I was shocked that this was a free DAW, and I saw the great and most recent creations on AudioTool from artists like Vulkron, Sub4sax, SENTIENT, Fluent, and the collaborations of these artists. I am still figuring things out on Audiotool, and once I do so, I will try to start making tracks.

That basically sums me up.

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  • Honestly these works should be put on YouTube to get more publicity!

  • Welcome to AT! I'll crit your first track if you'd like when you pub it!


  • Yeh pal when you want to collab r something you can post a message on my wall.

    • And: I like Sub4Sax, Vulkron, Fluent and Sentient too!

  • There are many great minds of music in AudioTool, and have potential of being a professional producer later on, but they need more publicity for their work.

    • AudioTool is a community, we should help each other to make better tracks and collaborations.