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Alright you generic carti pierre bourne ass producers. Same music, same hype! The hell, underrated artists that make harder beats and other shit don't get the same hype. You wanna know why? "Oh, carti and pierre and uzi are the rage!" FUCK THAT! BRING ORIGINALITY OR BRING OTHER ARTIST TYPES INTO YOUR MUSIC INSTEAD OF THE SAME BOOF ASS GARBAGE THAT YALL MAKE. GOLLY LOOK AT KHAOS! PRODUCERS LIKE HIM ARE ORIGINAL AND MIX IT UP! FOR THE LOVE OF AUDIOTOOL AND SANITY, BRING SOME CREATIVITY!
Goal: To Chart at least once
I've been on for a year now! Feels awesome spectating the community grow. Can we PLEASE get to 200 followers! Wanna get there before the end of 2k18! Love you all!

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