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sorry i havent been active, mostly just trying to get shit set up, whilst having had moved over a couple of weeks ago, i currently dont have wifi, and probably wont until i move out into my own actual place. i will very soon have a semi-permanent source of wifi (my phone) so ill actually be getting things rolling. i may or may not eventually move out from using audiotool as my main source of audio production as well.
ask me for my discord if you wanna chat outside of audiotool, or you can ask for a link to my server.
disclaimer, none of the cover images are mine. most of them are just edited images. a few of them are combinations of other images or edits of them. if i could draw my own i would, but my art is anything but perfect. when i distribute a song and get copyright protection on it, itll likely have its own original (semi original) art work on it, done by a friend of mine that i will credit when that starts.

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