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Audiotool is going BIGGER every year there new artists and their better than the original ones well, this is sad... i think i need to make some tracks :D

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  • i love your

  • dang audiotool is now just like soundcloud. a few years ago it was not like this. i came back and loving the sounds and music that people make

  • And thank you, I am actually workin on FL Studio now and I can not believe how better I am!!

  • Oh wait, I misread your first comment, yeah, it did get bigger, and brighter, they had an update to the sight, they are currently fixing any glitches they can find, one might be not opening other peoples Templates, grr.

    As far as I know, the Audiotool studio app is still the same.

  • Actually, I'm still here, lookin for Drama to participate in. :D xDD

  • Hello

  • It is now 10:04 pm time to go to sleep

  • Sleep is for the weak, lmao

  • It's almost 12 AM in Florida, lol, Here's a tip for wobbles, Get a pulve, and go find the depth knob, and put it onto 100%, and press PWM, then press sync and mess with the rate knob

  • And now it's 9:07 PM MTN in Utah payson

  • It's peaceful on everybody's wall. Did everybody gone to sleep? It's 8:55 pm mtn over here in payson Utah 84651 weather is cloudy on I think I going to sleep

  • My autism doesn't know how to cope with losing a friend, I just, Kinda act in an ass hole way and forget it...

  • Yeah, You

  • What...

    What am I doing?