The great Audiotool ambience

Total playing time: 1:46:56

These are the songs that make me smile ;)

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  • sure but can i keep the WIP? It's so cool!!

  • Hey, I don't think that WIP I made should be on here, it's just too short. what about one of my ambient tracks?

  • Woo this is on the album charts!

  • thanks alot guys!

  • (:

  • Yep, just tested...need to lower the Closed and Open Hi-hat Decay whilst making them 1/16th repetition. The Tonematrix then stands out more and the hats remain seperate.

    Also, shameless album bump just cuz i can

  • no prob

  • and thanks for the fave

  • Im not very glad with the hi-hats though, they seem to take a bit of the place the tonematrix is trying to fill with its 8th notes. Maybe ill fix it in the future and make the hats a little faster with varying loudness betwen hits to simulate how a human hands goes up and down in volume when playing them.

  • well Blue Echoes was a very good song and i thought it deserved a spot on this album!

  • heh

  • Well, even though im no longer in active search of popularity, fame or renown, it's still nice to know i make on to an album here and there now and then.

  • he's coming :)

  • no kepz? what!