Another love song for no one


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  • down in your DM's

  • bassline still gets me

  • audiotool classic :]

  • Re-fav for it! This track has a lot of feelings for me. It was the first track that I saw in Features when I started making music. It really bring me back so lovely memories. I wanted to make this music, I really wanted to make this Chill stuff so here we are now, making the music that we love. How many memories are saved in Audiotool!

  • dat listen to fave ratio

  • omg this is such a hidden little gem <3

  • i think this was featured soon after i found audiotool for the first time

    then forgot it

  • Haha oh my gosh 10000...

  • lol wut I think this was during the time Audiotool had the play count glitch. You'd rack up like 100 plays within a few minutes of publishing haha.

  • 10000 PLAYS WOOOO

  • ikr

  • yeas.

  • It's good to work to

  • I must make a jace/tophat playlist

  • added to album ;)