Hi everyone!

It seems like I'm only popping my head in here for Christmas nowdays. I was hoping to get this done the day before Christmas Eve, but it didn't struck me that doing a track purely based on synthesis could be a very time consuming task...

In this track, every sound that you hear derives exclusively from Heisenbergs with effect chains after them; everything from the voices to the percussion is hand crafted sounds made out of ten different Heisenbergs connected to different chains of Effects.

As you may know, I've made an earlier attempt to do a synthetic voice, which I was not very satisfied with. This, however, contains some improvement, and some of them are taking advantage of the properties of the Heisenberg compared to the Pulverisator. What I have improved is that I added an automatiation of the resonance of the 2:nd formant, which gives me more convincing consonants. I've also been taking advantage of the better working abilities of the oscillators' (operators') volum level of the Heisenberg, which gives me better articulation. Besides of that, I've also found a much better harmonic waveform, shaped by the Heisenberg, which sounds more natural to me. Perhaps you can listen to the differences and tell me what you think. I would appreciate constructive feedback (especially the kind of feedback when you tell me it sounds Asian :P).

Here is the link to my previous attempt:

Twinkle, Twinkle - Synth Voice

I hope you all are having a good time with your friends and families! Merry Christmas!

Enjoy! :)

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  • Shingle bells, shingle bells, shingle all the way...

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  • ...

    Aaaaand I'm a spammer of my own track by having an answer that doesn't fit in only one comment. XD

  • Wtf

  • the song

  • nice one

  • you left remix open

    oh the power you've given me to make synths say whatever i want >:)

  • I haven't heard this song since I joined AT. This was at the top of the charts when I joined this community, but I didn't know why. When I finally rediscovered this, the nostalgia came flooding back and the hidden GENIUS in this masterpiece shone through my ignorance. This is one of many ways that AT has proven it's viability, and one of many reasons @Frigolito has become an inspiration to me and a legend to all.

  • coming back to this just to say i am forever impressed and grateful with this kind of effort

  • Yess ! The most impressive song of the whole website is in the heisgang !

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  • random not christmas related refav lol

  • i wonder how long it takes to learn how to make a voice out of a heis/pulv lol

    • also that "one horse open sleigh" part in the end was so well.. done oh my GOSHHHhh

  • Never forget this

  • you are amazing