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Snio, but frighteningApprehension LP

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  • triumph
  • rue
  • catharsis
  • Dismay
  • yearning
  • timid
  • grot
  • apprehension
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"anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen".

every single one of these tracks mean the absolute world to me. these past 3 months have been easily some of the worst times ive ever had to go through. some stuff happened and ive honestly never felt more depressed, guilty, and defeated in my entire life. throughout these dark times, ive built up a ton of emotions. I see these songs as kind of the "releasing" of all those emotions.

hope you guys enjoy. i dont wanna go too into depth with what events happened and how they have influenced the name and image this ep portrays. its pretty personal and i dont wanna be spreading negativity by pulling people into the situation, and tbh im sure you guys can probably tell what happened lol. but i can say that i just hope it gets better, and i pray and hope i can find my confidence again so one day I can try and fix all that ive broken.

thank you all for the support. you guys have been so overwhelmingly good to me, i just legitimately cannot thank you all enough. im so happy ive developed such a open and loving fan base, being able to discuss music and tips on how to improve and just little things like that makes me so so happy. audiotool has really had such a positive impact on my life. I honestly couldnt imagine making music anywhere else, getting to be apart of this community is such an honor.

so, after all the sugar talk and sadboi comments, id like to present you all, with the deepest and most caring part of my heart, my debut ep, Apprehension. it’s pretty diverse, doesnt have as much trap or heavy dubstep as im sure some of you were hoping for, but its music made with my heart and honestly that’s all that matters to me. hope everyone enjoys, it’s been quite the journey :)

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