Psytrance is our drug!

  • downtempo
  • goa
  • psytrance
  • darkpsy
  • psygressive
  • High-Tech
Total playing time: 1:47:20

This is a journey thru psytrance - Downtempo steady beats prepares you to enter the realm of Psygressive, for Full On understand the GOA vibes, set your mind to modern achievements of High-Tech and dissolve into depths of Darkpsy!

13 of my favourite psychedelic tracks made at audiotool, for my first 3 months in the community, almost 2 hours of original compositions.

A lot of thanks to all that have listened to the music, and for Audiotool developers, you are awesome! Special thanks to brain-walker, astrologic & Celcius for all the friendship, shared knowledge, and for collab in some of this tracks.

Stay true to your convictions!

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