This one have a lot of synths, FX, automations and all the stuff, so we needed a early publish to listen properly. Hope we can finish the way it deserves. Celcius was leaving audiotool, so I think we should let that track as it is...

GOA/Psytrance, 148 BPM, composed mostly in D Dorian.

Starting point was SAW layers, 303 patterns and some basslines.


Working with @PsySeeD and @brain-walker was great! They worked incredibly fast, and I almost felt lost behind in their dust! They really know their stuff when it comes to producing psytrance and working alongside them is a valuable learning opportunity. Thanks guys! :)

PsySeeD: Thank you guys for sharing your time, knowledge and skills! We learn a lot with each other, so keep on with the friendship and collabs!

brain-walker: It was a pleasure to work with you guys!

At the end of the project it was so big, that I coudn't open and work on it... :-)

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