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A word from the Audiotool Day team:

Another great year! Thank you to everyone that entered. Once again all of you made it super difficult to decide the winners, with so many amazing tracks to choose from. After much deliberation, we are pleased to announce the results of this year's contest.

1st Place

the red moon's egg by we die and Withdecay, winning $300 Audeze Maxwell Headphones, one year of LANDR Studio, and Audiotool Merch!

2nd Place

DREAMHACK 2 [ATD2023] by Rai, winning Audiotool Merchandise

3rd Place

Untitled (ATD23) by Goon, winning Audiotool Merchandise

4th Place

INFJ by 333-i9

5th Place

AT Day 2023 by Kepz

6th Place

Calling [ATD23 + Dreamhack] by Jetdarc

7th Place

csx (ATDAY23) by Kurp

8th Place

The Bell Tolls To Remind Us (ATD23) by Kiari

Honorable Mentions to:

resting phase- [atd 23] quiet on the set (Audiotool Day 23) sUGAR hEAD (ATDAY23)

Winners, please contact team @audiotool .com with your shipping info to claim your prizes

Audiotool Day is a community run contest, supported by Audiotool

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  • No trap artists as always

    • There were not many trap entries this year. If someone makes an absolute banger i'm sure it will make the list in coming years!

  • i wish kiari’s was higher up, but at least theyre in the top eight. congratulations to all the winners! well deserved!

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

  • YO honored as fuck to get an honorable mention, that's awesome.

    congrats to all of the winners I love you

  • One day she will be mine... oh yes, one day she will be mine

    Congrats to everyone!

  • What an incredible year! Thank you guys so much for the placement!!! Very high quality entries!

  • for some reason it felt really good not seeing rai get 1st on something for once lol

    but heck yeah, i knew we die would win, i knew a whole mile away and im GLAD my thoughts were right YEAHH

    • LOL It's true! I mean, I get lucky haha. There are a ton of underground musicians that could surpass me though. I just happened to get the recognition

  • W 333-i9

  • Was a great year y'all! These entries were super fun and reflected tons of skill

  • Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate the love πŸ™ Congrats to everyone!

    • you deserve the win bro!! great job :D

  • Congrats to everyone! Lots of good entries this year

  • So many great entries this year! I think a lot of these tracks are statements not only to the capabilities of audiotool, but to the creative minds that put them together. Thank you all so much for making judging enjoyable, I'd hate to sit down listening to hours of garbage.

  • Thank you!! And congrats to top 3!