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We're hiring

For our new product, we're looking for passionate and talented people ready to join us on our challenging journey. As you know, browsers don't run DAWs by design, so expect some tough nuts to crack. We've been pushing the envelope of what's possible with music production in the browser for quite some years, and we're now taking advantage of what technological developments enable music production on a whole new level.

We are always interested in passionate people with skills that match our challenges, so if you don't see a job post that matches your profile, email us your CV so we can let you know if there's a fit. We are looking for people who challenge our decisions and like contributing on all levels. We cover a vast spectrum of software engineering topics: From low-level optimization up to the software architecture layer - Audiotool has it all!

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  • Are mobile apps in the works? I remember hearing something related to this in the past, but I was never aware if the project was started or not

  • if audiotool made a downloadable daw with vst support, i think it would take the world by storm

    • pretty satisfying to learn and make things from scratch here

    • I think it's not needed

      VST support would just give audiotool less identity, though some workarounds

      but seeing how experimental the active side of the community is i would agree with @withdecay

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  • im not technical but i am in market strategy and data analytics by trade - I'll keep my eye out for roles on the strategic side of things ;)

  • I'm really not in the programing thing... But you got all my support! All I can say is that you better keep going cause I really love you all :D

  • I made some music with it and at least it works for that, even without an instruction manual.

  • my audio tool isnt currently working lol

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  • everybody quitting because y'all are making the software unbearably basic

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  • hey! i want to be hired , even thought im too young to be hired.

    i want to do the "make midi chords" part.

    • i would also participate in the piano roll feature.

    • if there one thing such as make the 'chords part' i would be ready for it too, just theres no instruction manual for that either.

    • Midi isn't chords, its for example just one key or just one cable or just one device like a microphone, midi is simply a computer transposing a singe device no matter if its the original one.

  • We Are Hiring 2: Nobody is Qualified

    available for streaming on all movie platforms

  • most the people here asking to be hired dont have the skills for any job offered

    • Strippers in general?

    • its a miracle were all not strippers now/in the future

    • or what jobs are

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  • hmmm

    if I ended up getting hired, I'd def abuse my position, I'd secretly implement codes only beneficial to me...


    that's why you should hire me

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  • I am excited for what AT has to bring in the future.

    I hope you can gather a team of great people to make stuff happen.

  • ok

    which programming language should I learn for a job on audiotool? like which programming language(s) do you devs use the most?

    • everyday i find out just how blind i am

      i didnt see a link XD

    • You can find a detailed list of what they require if you click the link.

    • I only know because Someone just told me ūüėČ

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  • Finally

    Make users on mobile have access to studio. Like fr

    We gotta buy expensive and cheap computers just to make tracks

    It’s annoying

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