That's right, everyone! Another great track, this time with vocals!!

This track started with an idea I had in class, specifically the Horn sound. I received a lot of help from Zir0h, and I really appreciate all the support he's given me. He taught me everything I know to this day! He was very patient with me (I often didn't understand things)

I think I managed to make a horn that is worthy of respect! If you're interested, just look for it on this track.

I hope you like it!!


Wow, where do I even start? This track was supposed to be in the upcoming album, but WOLFEYE was so proud of his work, that he couldn't wait to share it. So, we've decided to release this as a single track EP with the intent of it being a teaser (you know, to keep all you fans from getting bored ;D ) but also to give you an idea of the quality and awesomeness you can expect in this upcoming album.

In regards to the track,

As usual, my partner has exceeded my expectations in regards to quality, composition, and sound design. He is truly the perfect student. I could never be the producer I am today without him, but that being said we both have much to learn. We hope this song pleases you as much as it did us. I truly cannot put into words the level of admiration I have for WOLFEYE. Ty for everything


EVERY WORK OF PASSION MATTERS! (does this translate properly?)


"All writing can be crossed out, but what has been said only remains to add."


Verse I:

only a glance,

just a second;

opening my eyes,

leaving out of control;

stuck in my head,

i can't see that;

but damn it all,

just let me show you.


Verse II/III:

I feel it burn inside,

taking my body away;

looks like a waking dream,

but out of my control;

that feeling, so strange

deep in my heart,

which is turning into a waterfall.

Into a Waterfall,

Into a Waterfall,

Into a Waterfall,

Into a Waterfall.


Verse IV;

As much as I try to stifle,

it gets stronger,

even if i try to overcome;

it gets stuck with me,

there's no chance,

so turn into a waterfall.

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  • Republished

    EQ changes, mastering

  • I'll remaster this one day. I've learned a lot since this track came out >:3

  • nice effects in the vocals. definitely an amazing song!

  • Who sings this?

  • one comment: the intro is really quiet, maybe turn up a little? IDK but if I play it loud enough to enjoy the intro I get my eardrums blasted out when the horn really builds up.

    • you will get there one day! With our help, and your passion and persistence, you'll be there in no time!!! Stay in contact, and let me know if there's ever anything that any of us can do to help you! Many of my partners are quite busy these days, as am I, but I actively make a point to help new members. Please don't hesitate to contact me anytime! Stay classy <3

    • yeah ttly no rush

      just a suggestion wish i could do stuff this good

    • Yeah I'm not going to lie this song still needs a lot of love I probably like to remaster it again but it just takes a lot of work and I've got a lot of other things on my plate right now what with the album release coming up and everything


  • GG this track is fire (or water lmao). Will look forward to album coming soon!

    @Zir0h can u teach me how to be good at AT pls?

    • We can teach you skills and tricks and things that we know but we can't necessarily teach you passion and talent. You have to achieve those on your own but I'd be more than happy to help you along the way! If there's anything that you need help with or if you ever need an idea on a draft or you want us to show you how to do something, just send us a message on our wall and we'll do our best to make time for you

    • Or if @WOLFEYE would be able to, that'd be great also...

      help im shit at this :(

  • Who’s singing?

  • wish i could fav twice XD

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  • That snare has a bit too much lowend

    • Thanks for listening! I'll see what can be done :)

  • my ears are happeh :>

  • Republished

    forgot to do a thing with the vocal levels

  • This isnt getting enough attention. I need people to share this as much as they possibly can. Copy that link amd share it wherever you can!

    • yeah but they're not...it needs a push haha but I'll heed your words

    • lol just let the views roll in, my friend.

      i gotta do some stuff rn, can't check discord.

    • why?

      and respond to my message on disco, yo

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  • If you want some critique, I would say to crank the sidechain up more, I think it's called the threshold but I could be wrong. Whatever it is, is making the song seem subtle when it's supposed to be a billboard top 100 charting audiotool song xD

    • Oh snap i think i forgot to turn the volume automation off tho haha im not sure ill have to check when i get back to the studio

    • I think the automation work a lot better than the gravity or compressor.

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  • Make the kick a little more noticeable in the first drop at around 01:04 , as well as the chorus section at around 01:52 which goes into the buildup, the second drop, and climax of the track. But other than that, I think it sounds nice. Just keep working at it.

    • shit my waveform looks super compressed too...is that bad?