Thank you everybody

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  • one of the best goon covers

  • >:)

  • Groovey. Please keep shredding Goon.

  • this is great! love that cosmic bass

  • Hi Goon, I found your style very varied, it goes from house to funk, drum and bass and lo-fi, hip hop, experimental and other styles, there is a song that I liked very much, which is a style that I'm doing, but I I vary my style of music, which is Shreddin ', I thought this track was very 90s, well undergound, I liked it, I wanted you to evaluate me, and give me a critical review of how I could improve my music more and more, FLOWERS

  • infinite groove

  • oh for fuc sake this is mad

  • I love your music

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  • thats one cool ass waffle

  • This is pretty awesome.

  • Republished

    decluttered percs a bit and it was still overcooked

  • Republished

    Overcooked it, but hopefully done now

  • Republished

    Bass and forgot compressor bypass

  • Republished

    Acted on some crit and changed some levels