2nd AT prod challenge muck about

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  • genuine meditation music :) might actually have to put this one in a personal playlist of mine

    • that's mad, thank you! :)

  • I'd play Minecraft and listen to this, It makes me want to...

  • Republished

    finally switched on the limiter to catch those pesky resonant frequencies

  • nice intro, love those chords and the way they fade in and out. the atmosphere/birds chirping is a bit hard to hear, but I think i like it better that way. nice job there. not too noticeable but not too unnoticeable!

    The main synth melody...I like it, it's nice even if it's not catchy, but it could use some thinning out, maybe add notes an octave above it to layer, and turn down the gain on those notes so they arent too loud compared to the main line.


    • Yeah, I did want the birds to sit under everything. The arp does change to cover two octaves towards the middle, but it could definitely ebb and flow in a few more ways. I ran out of time before I could add more modulation and clean it up a bit. Thanks for the feedback! :)

  • idk if you like using the PulseDelay tool, but that main synth sound might offer some interesting options if you route it thru a PulseDelay at low feedback or even a phaser at low mix level. nice clip! please keep writing :)