repubbs because the growl in the "C" section of the dubstep sounds spicy, but not fitting. (will open remix and download when im done)

honestly, i am getting so much better at sound design ngl....

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  • Yeeeees. I love this. Legit could listen to this for hours-

  • Sounds kinda mono

    missing something with the chords to make em thicc and juicy

    Build is too long, Basses could use some more impact along with the mix.

    • Virtual riot said so but he did it right

      This just gets repetitive before the drop though, that's all.

    • you must be new here, builds are never "too long"

  • 100 <3!

  • Havent heard one if these song in a long time tbh

  • That way to the buildup was long but it was worth it, the only thing that I can say is that the basses feels a little bit weak than I expected, not for the volume, I think that is the compression of each one, tbh I don't really know what it is, but the rest of this was omfg so good wtf my man, really good sound design, arragnement, job and mixing :D

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  • You ever hear a song that you feel like you are not worthy to hear? This is one of those songs

  • Minimalistic house at the beggining , hard house at the middle and house progression in the between parts sounds good. :)

    • this is not house.... isss more melodic dubstep....

  • those chords are so thicc. i love it.

  • Holy shit this is ultimate crumpin

  • Republished

    remix and download is now open!

  • you know what? im opening rmx

  • this slaps

  • When will you open REMIX

  • i REALLY want to do a color bass remix... but remix no open... *sad werbs noises*

    • Tho the fact that you of all people want to remix my track makes my negro face blush

    • iM nOt DoNe yEt

      I might or might not add a DnB drop idk

  • This track is like 95% totally sick, the arrangement, phrasing, mixing etc is on point. The only thing that i feel lets it down a tad are the lead basses in the drop; they just sound a little raw and unprocessed in relation to the rest of the track and feel a little underwhelming. That aside though this is solid af my man! :)

    • Thank you for the crit! <3

      Oh and by the way, what's phrasing? XD

    • guess it depends on if you’re using speakers or headphones :)