A million stars in the sky,

But you shine brighter, can't deny it

Whenever I look in your eyes,

I can't help myself, I can't fight it

You're a beautiful woman who doesn't know what she could be

If she was ever paired up to someone so loving like me

So let me ask you this, will you be my valentine

Are you willing to call yourself mine

I'm just a man looking for lovin', so please, will you be my valentine

Angels sing when you're near,

Cuz' they know your love is true

With me you've got nothing to fear

I'll be here looking out for you

Repeat Pre Chorus and Chorus

You always know what to say, just talking to you makes my day

I love you with all my heart, I just wish that we're never to part

Repeat Pre Chorus and Chorus

This track is really different from my other tracks and submissions, I wanted to do something contradictory to my usual sound. I actually started production with the bassline, I heard this melody in my head and got inspired. I wanted to make the track as sugar-coating, pop-sounding, and cheesy as possible. That's also where I got my inspiration for the lyrics and the instruments. After the bass, I put down some chords on my keyboard and just transcribed it on a pad. Used real-kit drum samples, and then I wrote the lyrics. I listened to a few pop songs, and the style I sang the vocals in was heavily inspired by Charlie Puth. Simple and clean, is what I wanted this track to be, and sim really helped to refine the production quality of the whole thing, as well as give it that poppy feel. So, that's our track!

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  • please release to Spotify I NEED THIS ON MY PLAYLIST🙏

  • It ain't real it's too good

  • Ain't no way this is real

  • kinda want to re-record my parts for this, the guitar sounds like ass lmao

    • VIP? I got a studio kit heheheheeh

  • omg talk abt cool rock

  • love it so freaking muchhhhhh omg

  • holy shit i've missed a lot

    • I just saw your comment and I fuckin died hahha

      it's rlly an honour to get such a compliment from a guy like u!

  • Are comments on? C-Can I comment? Oh, we're commenting. Okay here we go.

  • Republished


  • should i post the live version?

    • woah epic. i'll try and send it over to you after this week

      i've got to get nico to send me the drum tracks and then we'll be in business

    • I got my mic back, AND my new laptop

      So I can finally record live vocals for ya!

  • Am I gonna get ostracized for saying I kinda get Nirvana vibes from this?

    Maybe... but I said it anyways. It's the guitars, mainly.

    • no actually, I can hear it now XD

  • Damn I wish my voice would return to its original state man. I didnt even have autotune here and I sound so much better than me with autotune now. How times have changed. I wish I would go back to being this creative

  • remember me im back and better boi remix time

  • Im obsessed with this-- fuck it. its remix time :DDDD

  • at least ill have this song to remember u ;(