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  • That fade in vocal is beautiful 0:30

  • <3

  • Republished

    some areas that were too busy are fixed

  • Republished

    some of the parts that had overlapping sounds are now less busy

    • thanks, I'll keep tweaking :)

    • with minimalist styles, the 'minimal' part is quite misleading. the more minimal you want to go, the more work you actually have to do to fill in the space with detail and character

    • it has very few sounds but all the added warmth and subtleties and analog feel make it so much more vibrant

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  • but it definitely is lacking depth

    • ^comment about d'oresme

    • if you have time, could you elaborate on this a little more? what type of stuff would you recommend changing

  • i like the vibe ur alluding to

  • it brings to mind mr standfast, who does the minimal sound really well

  • Republished

    snares in intro start later

  • Republished

    more edits

  • I like it now

  • Sounds a tiny bit like a default track of an all in one keyboard but with much more soul. I like

  • Did y'all not like it, or not see it? Either way would appreciate some feedback

  • Really love this tbh

  • Republished

    major edits